Litter in other owner with Dandy:

Born 30.12.2008.

Dandy and Gigi



Litter "C"

We have puppyes 16. May 2008

Micuko   &   Dandy 

1 HL male, 1 HL female, 1 PP female





                                                                                                                           5.16.       5.25.      6.01.    6.08.    

                        Chantal Chiyoko PP szuka/female     220 gr    400 gr    550gr   650 gr

               Clara Contessa HL szuka/female      250 gr    550 gr    650gr   750 gr

               Charlie Devil  HL kan/male                250 gr    550 gr    700gr   800 gr





Chantal Chyoko PP female/szuka

Owner: Határ Petra


I am very happy! :o)




Look at me, I have teeth! :o)

Charlie Devil HL male/kan

Owner: Cser László


Hi girls, my name is Chars!

 If I have older, I will dentist! :o)


Clara Contessa HL female/szuka

Owner: stay in our kennel :o)